Bull Moose

Everyone knows that school is out and there is no homework for right now but it is the time for any smart hunter to be doing his or her due diligence. Not only to be out in the woods getting in shape but to be out scouting also. And not just scouting for big game but also searching for your next favorite hunting spot.  Farmers and ranchers are busy right now but it may be in your best interests to make that effort to establish some kind of relationship that could lead to a hunting opportunity.  It is getting tough out there on public land with more hunters and fewer elk but it is getting even tougher to get on private property.  Even if land is in Block Management and all you have to do is sign in and walk on there could be advantages to meeting the landowner and you will never know what those advantages may be until you shake hands and take time out to visit. So even though school is out it is a good time to do your homework.

That all said I was able to get to the woods this past weekend and tromped around some.  I did find a couple of bull elk and got a few good photos but I will save them for another time. What I want to share with you is a look at a cool little bull moose. I was able to sneak up on this young bull that gave me a couple of good photos before he had enough of me.  Thanks to auto focus he is looking pretty good staring down on me.DSC_7180

I had to sneak around a little to try to get some photos without tree branches in front of him and even tho he picked up on me he wasn’t too bothered at least for a bit.  He only had to take couple of steps and the trees were more than I could see around.  Then there was a doe deer came flying between both of us and the bull decided to move on.  I suspect I will run across him again and I will try to get some more shots of him.


As you can see there is already a little color on the ground. In the late afternoon and early evening it starting to give the feel of fall and after sunset I can almost smell it.  It is coming and it is not far away.  Montana’s general hunting season is coming soon and there will certainly be more outdoor adventures to come.


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