Cold Winter Days in Montana Big Sky Country

It was Friday afternoon and I headed out for a solo weekend at our cabin in Southwest Montana. My plan was to do some snowshoeing and look for Mountain Lion or at least a cat track. On the way up to the cabin my first wildlife encounter of the weekend was a flock of wild turkeys. Now you won’t be seeing any of my photos in our photo of the month gallery as I am not much of a photographer so forgive my lack of expertise and just enjoy what you might see on a cold winter day as you Explore Montana Big Sky Country. Just across the highway from the turkeys I snapped a couple of shots of some mule deer camped out in a patch of knapweed.  Click on any image to enlarge.

Saturday was uneventful but I did do some snowshoein’. I saw some deer tracks along the trail but no cat tracks. I was hoping to get some good photos at sunset but the storm came in early and all I got were some shots of a black and white forest. Just the same, the hike for me was great and the snow and cold made for a great winter day in Montana.

Sunday on the way home I took the back roads and was surprised to see a lot of nothing for most the trip. You can tell by the fog on the mountains it was cold. Then the coyote (pictured below) ran in front of me and I did my best to capture some photos but with the camera set on automatic, point and click doesn’t always produce the best quality photo. Same goes for the heard of elk I found. They were a long way out and I would guess there were 300 plus in the heard.

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