Come Inside Out of the Rain



We can’t stay outdoors in Montana all the time so last Tuesday we ventured into the Billings Metra for a three hour and twenty minute trip down the proverbial “Memory Lane”.  It was the Eagles Live in Concert and their music was exceptional. There were five of the original members including Bernie Leadon, Timothy Schmit, Don Henley, Glenn Fry and, my favorite, Joe Walsh. Their voices were strong and solid even though they didn’t quite hit all the high notes that we all may remember.  Timothy Schmit was on task all night and Joe Walsh didn’t miss a tick.  In fact, his guitar playing is spot on for all the songs he is so well known for. There was some good humor and the story that was told from start to finish really added to the entertainment.  When it comes to the music for me it was all as good or better than ever. This is my second time to see them in less than a year.  My family sent me to Oregon last summer on a surprise trip to the concert with my sister and brother in law.  I was quite surprised that they extended the tour and included Montana.  As one of the founding members who was with the band for only the first few years and much to my surprise Bernie Leadon was playing at the concert in Oregon and again in Billings.  Bernie can still sing quite well and his guitar is outstanding. We took a couple pictures with the cell phone even tho we were asked not to. Yea right. The photos aren’t much to look at but it felt good to break the rules. Besides what good’s a phone these days if you don’t take a few photos.  And by the way if you haven’t been to a concert in recent years there is no need for the bic lighter to encourage an encore. That is the other reason you want to have your cell phone is for the flash light.  Life is good but it just isn’t what it use to be. Click for larger view.

There are still a few concert dates left and if you have a chance to attend despite the price of a seat I would highly recommend the show.

Back outdoors.


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