Dumb Things Not To Do In Yellowstone

We usually head for the park here in the next few weeks to cruise the Lamar and watch for wolves! With that in mind I was looking through some of the photos I have taken in the past there and I started noticing a pattern; there are a lot of great photographs of the park and there are some pretty good photos of people doing really dumb stuff there! Fortunately no one was injured in any of these instances but that is not always the case so I decided to write a post to hopefully prevent more accidents. Plus, being there were no injuries involved I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle or two outta these photos.

1.) Don’t get angry if you get hung up in a buffalo-jam! They happen all the time in the park and should be expected and enjoyed. The rangers have enough on their minds, just stay calm and don’t add more.


2.) Don’t be the person who gets too close to the wildlife because they are just that: WILD! Keep a safe distance for your safety and for theirs!

3.) Don’t be the person who is unaware of their surroundings! Always pay attention not only to what is in front of you but also to what is behind you!


4.) Lastly for this post, when the thermal features say “Hot” or “Don’t Touch”, keep away! Not only could you permanently damage yourself but also the microorganisms and ecosystem in the feature. Just enjoy the beauty from a distance or with a photograph like the ones below.

If you have any funny shots of close calls in Yellowstone be sure to share them on Twitter using #CloseCall! Thanks for reading! Liza

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