Family, Friends, and Elk

RMEF Banquet (2)Yesterday was the annual RMEF Banquet in Butte, MT and the whole family headed down for an awesome night of laughs, good food, and lots of crazy cool guns. RMEF is a phenomenal organization that has successfully secured almost 800,000 acres of land for hunting and outdoor recreation in Montana alone, raising over 22 million dollars for elk. Last night raised thousands of dollars to further the cause and saw a great gathering of 300 hunter families including my own. With Bugle Magazine being the first magazine I will publish in, I truly consider RMEF to be my home charity, so very close to my heart and am already looking forward to the banquet next year! If you aren’t already a member be sure to join so you can get the July/August edition of Bugle I will be published in (and to preserve elk hunting for the future)! Thanks for reading! Liza

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