First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park

IMG_0202 If you are traveling between Helena and Great Falls you really need to visit one of the largest buffalo jumps in North America.  You can see the jump from Interstate 15 and it is only three and a half miles west of the interchange at Ulm.  The First Peoples Buffalo Jump cliff is nearly a mile long.  You  can hike from the visitor center all around the jump or you can drive to the top and take a short walk to the edge.

This is the view of the south side of the jump from the visitor center and this is the area that you can see from the Interstate.IMG_0348

The visitor center offers many displays and interesting history. The Park Ranger can give great narrative, stories and history also.  The above photos are of just a few of the displays.

The view from the top is more than just across the plateau and off the jump. You get a great look at Square Butte and you can also see four different mountain ranges including a great view of the Rocky Mountain Front.  This post is just a snap shot of what all is at the First Peoples Buffalo Jump.  If you find yourself driving by Ulm take a time out and spend a little time at the jump. The Montana Native American history at this site is well worth the visit.

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