Fishing the Montana Waters

Montana is one of the greatest places to fish in the entire world! Proof: the world renowned movie The River Runs Through It was filmed in Montana.  The state has hundreds of waters to fish that are filled with a huge diversity of species. For a Montana Fishing Guide provided by Fish Wildlife and Parks [click here] and for an index of US Fish and Wildlife Fisheries [click here].  Great places to fish are places near where fish are stocked. For a map of these places [click here]. The actual stocking is a great sight to see (pictured below) for children and adults alike.  The state also provides you with State Fishing Accesses which are great places to get out the gear and drop a fly or sinker into the water [click here for map and info]. Hope to see you on the waters!

Fish Stocking at Gates of the Mountains photo credit] Helen Sautter

photo credit] Helen Sautter

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