Montana Ghost Towns

Montana Big Sky Country has 8 classified ghost towns and one of the more easily recognized ghost towns is Elkhorn located east of Boulder in the Elkhorn Mountains. For a list of Montana Ghost Towns [click here]. For a more complete list of historic mining towns and ghost towns [click here].

Historic Buildings in Elkhorn

The two buildings above are in great condition and you can even go inside to look around. Elkhorn is listed as a State Park and these buildings are well taken care of.

Old Building in ElkhornThe building in the photo to the right hasn’t much life left in it. Like a few other buildings in Elkhorn it won’t be long and there will be nothing left to see but a marker such as the one below for a building that is long gone.Sign for General Store in Elkhorn
Old Car in ElkhornThe Local Resident of Elkhorn
One can only wonder how long this car has sat at this site. What history lesson it could give if only it could talk? The three legged local resident pictured below was plenty vocal but he didn’t have much history to add about the car or any of the rest of the town.

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