Minus 33 Merino Wool

So excited to see the box show up from the UPS man. I have been waiting for my Minus 33 under garments. Mossy Oak and Merino Wool.  Now that is a great combination.  Along with being a Mossy Oak camo fan I am old school and wool is what I like the best for cold weather warmth. This Merino Wool has a great feel against your skin. Soft like wool but not scratchy at all. The Midweight Crew and the bottom long underwear fit just as measured. I could hardly wait to take them into the field. Or not? My excitement was short lived. I no sooner got to try them on and my son asked if I had some “long johns” he could borrow. My daughter piped up to say “yea Dad just got some great new camo underwear!”  Thanks Liza. Well I suppose I could let him use my new duds for a bit. As soon as he put them on he said thanks Dad these are great. I will let you know how they are. Writing was on the wall right then and there.


Next day was the first day of General Rifle hunting season in Montana. Unlike most years it was cold and we had a couple inches of snow on the ground where we chose to start the season. All I heard at the end of the day was “these are really nice, I like them a lot, thanks Dad.” So that is what I mean by the writing was on the wall. I think my Minus 33 Merino Wool are gone to my younger generation. I am not too hurt by this because I am okay to order a pair for myself and I know know I won’t have to lend or give them. Bottom line is that the Minus 33 Merino Wool is great clothing! Measure according to the online guide and your purchase should fit you well.



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