Big Horn Sheep in Montana Big Sky Country

Big Horn Sheep face many difficulties in Montana’s Big Sky Country with pneumonia, disease and poaching but they keep coming back.  It is always a thrill to see the sheep and the random photos below speak for themselves. We found these sheep in a number of different places in Montana and some in Yellowstone Park. All the sheep we saw just off the highway. In Big Sky County Montana you never know what you are going to see or where you are going to see it. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Facts for Bighorn Sheep

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, there were upwards to two million bighorn sheep in North America. Today, there are less than 70,000. The life span for a male bighorn (rams) is 9-12 years, while the females (ewes) live 10-14 years.

The rams are 3 – 3 ½ feet in height while the ewes are smaller. The rams are 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet in length and ewes are smaller. The bighorn sheep weight between 140 – 300 lbs, depending on the subspecies.

The horn length is more than 30 inches and 15 inches in circumference for the rams while the ewes have shorter horns with little curvature. The ram’s horns can weight up to 30 lbs.

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