Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks


There’s always a lot going on at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and now is a time to pay attention to some important items. It is a great time to be Outdoors to see the new born calves but the photo above is a great reminder to keep hands off the little ones.  If you care please remind friends and family to leave young wildlife untouched this spring. It is the best way to ensure that young wildlife are raised as nature intended—in the wild.

Next on the agenda is the opportunity to for public comment on a multitude of items. An important issue for Deer and Elk hunters is titled 2015 Deer & Elk Quotas Outside Biennial Quota Ranges – Proposed. This is all about what is referred to as Damage Hunts or Shoulder Hunts.  These are hunts that come before and or after the regular bow hunting season or rifle hunting season. There is a lot of controversy over these hunts as the Helena Independent Record reports on Decision delayed on Montana elk season proposal. Don’t miss out on all the hunting proposals that may be important to you.

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