Montana’s Winter Wonderland

This past weekend Dad and I went to the cabin for a weekend in the snow and cold. When we pulled into the cabin we could see there had been a moose in the yard and it spent the night just off the deck. From there we started out the fun with some snow blowing in the dark Friday night. Click on any photo to enlarge to a slide show.  They need a little extra time to load but they are cool photos.

Then on Saturday we finished up the snow blowing and shoveling and went for a short drive to find the moose.

We didn’t have to go but a few hundred yards above the cabin and we spotted a huge lone cow moose so we snapped some cool picks. She definitely wasn’t a ham for the cam so I included these first photos to show you just how difficult she was to spot.

It was hide and seek, cat and mouse then finally, after about 30 minutes of waiting, she stepped into a clearing of belly-deep snow long enough for Dad to catch a couple of shots.

Saturday night we turned all the lights on at the cabin and went snowshoeing across the way. We found the moose again but it was too dark for the photographs to turn out any good. We got some great shots of the cabin though. It looks like a real winter wonderland.

On Sunday before heading for home we found the moose again and snapped some more shots. It was so cool to see such a majestic and enormous animal in the wild.

Here are a few fast facts about moose:

  • They eat up to 50 lbs of plants in one day
  • Their “beard” is actually called a bell
  • Their stomach can hold up to 112 lbs of food
  • North America has 800,00 to 1.2 million moose
  • They can swim up to 6 mph
  • They have been domesticated in Russia and used like a horse
  • Sweden once considered a Calvary mounted on moose as well as using the mammal to deliver mail


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