Moose in the Wild

I now have a camera capable of taking a great photograph so I am up against it.  It is not my aspiration to become a great photographer, but I would hope someday I could make the rank of amateur.  That makes me clearly a beginner and I am fine with that.  It is sometimes too bad because I often times have great subjects and could do more but thanks to auto focus I get a good shot now and then. Such as below.

As we are in the midst of bow hunting season and everyone is showing pictures of deer and elk I thought I would send out a couple shots of a momma moose and her calf. I was headed out on a scouting trip and I came across these two.  It got a little interesting along the fence when I first came onto them as I was on an ATV and had to stop to get my camera out. You can see by the look in her eye she wasn’t too happy with me being there as she was coming right at me. I would have liked to have gotten some more photos but I decided I better back out of there.

A couple of hours later it was after sunset and getting near dark when I caught the same two moose a ways down the trail. The photos came out pretty good and it doesn’t look near as dark as it was. Thanks again to a good camera.

You have to know that moose are cool and it is a treat to see them anywhere anytime! Life is good! Ben

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