Morning Hunts

General rifle season in Montana comes to an end every year Thanksgiving weekend and every time it comes as a disappointment. Both Liza and I live for hunting season, for the fun we have while in the woods and everything we get to see there. One of the best parts, for me anyway, is getting out among the trees before the sunrises, walking in the moonlight to our favorite lookouts for the sunrise. Whether there is just a glowing ball rising into the sky or if there is great color over the Crazies, seeing Montana sunrises is about as good as life can be. Sunsets are always great to see when out spotting at the end of the day but there is just something special about being deep afield when the sun crests the ridge, starting a great day of hunting. Liza almost always starts her hunting stories on Liza Outdoors with a description of the sunrise. For example her Spot and Stalk post was started like this “The light of the morning sun was just beginning to fill the frigid air surrounding the silent mountain when Dad exclaimed elk in an excited whisper,” and I can still remember how excited she got when she was remembering one of the sunrises we saw over the Crazies, the sky the most beautiful blue color with one single puff of a cloud that the sun cast the most perfect yellow color upon. She said that it was the simple beauty of the morning that really made that hunt for her. It is moments like those that really make the hunt about so much more. Liza and I tell the stories of our kills with great pride and joy but the best parts are usually something small like a good laugh we shared or how phenomenal the sunrise was.  Below are a few shots we took this season so you can get some idea of what we are talking about. Be sure to submit your sunrise or sunset photos to our blog so they can go in the Guest Gallery. Thanks for reading! Ben

The first photo is late October on the west side of the Crazy Mountains.

Sunrises of Hunting Season

These second photos are early November looking over the Big Belts in southwest Montana.

This final photograph was taken one morning in the Shields River Valley after a light dusting of snow.



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