Mountain Goats

On one of our hikes this summer we came onto a good size group of  mountain goats.  When we came out of the timber and into the open I told Liza we should see some goats today. No sooner did I say that and Liza says “there’s some goats right there”.  I started counting and got to seven. I counted again and got to eight all the while Liza was getting her camera out. She set up and started looking for a picture and said she saw more goats coming into the snow field.  Then there were even more goats coming out of the rocks. All counted, we had view of 33 goats in one bunch. That made the day right there. What could be better than a picture perfect day and a view such as the one you are looking at right now? Not good enough, we were certain we could get a better look at these goats so after a couple of photos we packed up real quick like and hoofed it around to sneak up on them from above.

With the wind in our favor we got close up to them even though they were moving by the time we got to them. Close to half of them were moving through the trees but we caught the second half of the herd and got some pretty good photos. About a third of the herd were this year’s kids. This whole sighting was too cool! This little excursion only added a half mile to our hike and we were back to the trail in short order.

Mountain Goat Trivia:

        • They can live up to 18 years in the wild
        • Can climb 1500 vertical feet in 20 minutes
        • Kids can walk around and jump just ten minutes after birth
        • There are only 100,000 mountain goats in all of North America

The Discovery Channel TV Show North America captured phenomenal footage of some mountain goats fording water. You have to watch this as it will put you on the edge of your seat.  Enjoy!

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