Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Next time you are visiting in Missoula Montana or even if you are just passing though a good place to stop and stretch your legs is the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  It is easy to find on the north side of the Interstate at the Reserve Street exit.  For contact information, a map and directions go to the RMEF link above.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation was established by four hunters from Northwest Montana in 1984. Since that May the foundation has grown out of the trailer from which it originated to be a rewarding foundation. The foundation has enhanced and protected over 6.4 million acres of North American wildlife habitat, has 10,000 volunteers, and has helped to restore lost elk populations in seven different States and Providences. The foundation also has an impressive visitor center in Missoula that provides great free entertainment for the whole family. The center contains many exhibits including record mounts of bull elk, information about Lewis and Clark’s observations of elk and you may find something special at the gift shop. We snapped some shots while there to give you a preview of what you will see when you visit Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Elk Country Visitor Center.

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