Spring Break 2k15

This past week was my Spring Break and Dad and I headed to the cabin to do a little bit of loggin’. We not only whacked and stacked 3 trees but we also got some cool shots and video that I thought you might enjoy! Two of the trees we fell were about 100 years old, the other quite a bit younger but still great firewood. Watching Dad fall trees is always intense, the crack as the tree breaks from the trunk and the earth-shattering thud as it hits the ground always are hairy but neat to watch. The biggest of the trees taking a mere minute and 56 seconds to fall! Crazy how easy it is to move 100 years to the ground. Once on the ground the work really beings. Deer seem to get smaller and trees seem to get bigger once there, the conclusion I have drawn from years of family firewood collection and hunting.

Having the trees down will not only provide us with warmth for the winter but also with a better place to dig gravel for some upcoming work on the place. All in all it was a win win. Dad and I enjoyed two great days of exercise in the great outdoors and got some work done. I learned that running a saw definitely isn’t as easy as it looks too. It isn’t hard but it requires a lot on concentration and upper body and back strength. Definitely something to stay yoked! That combined with the stacking of logs and piling of branches and cleanup had me sleeping like a baby for sure!

Montana Spring Break

As Montana standard would have it snow flew for the afternoon on Thursday but Friday was bright and sunny with a high in the 50s. Perfect for the work we were doing. Friday evening brought a great drive in the woods (post to come next week) and Easter brought us home on Sunday! Hope every else enjoyed their Spring Break! Thanks for reading! Liza

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