Still Skiing at Big Sky Resort

There are two more weekends of skiing and some days in between at Big Sky Resort. Yeah, we all like skiing the “cold smoke” but it is springtime, the weather is warm, corn snow makes for great skiing and the bumps are soft so one can rip and slash on the slopes. Included with the last weekend of skiing there will be plenty of good entertainment at the Pond Skim on Saturday April 19th. So before you put the boards away till next season give it one more go round at Big Sky.

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In 2013 Big Sky and Moonlight Basin merged creating the largest ski area in the United States with over 5700 acres and 4350 vertical feet.  It has come a long way from the dirt road and the four man gondolas and now skiing is not the only thing to do at Big Sky Resort.  If you haven’t been to Big Sky for a few years it is hard to believe what you will see there. It is now a year round resort with estimated 5,000 year round residents in the area, on the hill and in the meadows. It is no longer just about great skiing as there is great dining, shopping, live music and many other Things To Do at Big Sky. While you’re there be sure to drive around some of the many roads through the mountains and check the place out.  It most certainly is impressive.  Interesting to me when I read the History of Big Sky and one historic note is in 2006 Whiskey Jacks returned to the Mountain Mall.  Some of us remember the Saloon in the Mountain Mall long before Whiskey Jacks came the first time. The Saloon was run by our good friend Steve Kaul for five years.

DSC_6087DSC_6109After all that I have to say some things never change and this is one of our favorites.  Since day one you have had to keep an eye out when you turn off Highway 191 and head up the road to Lone Mountain.  More often than not if you are paying attention you will see Bighorn sheep right off the road.  They are usually on the hillside on the north side of the road just as these two rams we saw a couple of weeks ago.  The other likely spot for Bighorns is just north of the Big Sky intersection on the west side of the road.  For more photos of Bighorn Sheep go to our Bighorn Sheep post.  Keep your eyes peeled and enjoy your weekend.

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