The Jacket Every Outdoorsman Needs



Part One

I have to share my excitement tonight having taken delivery of my Bushman Delta Jacket hooded rain coat from Bushman Expedition Outfitters this afternoon. As soon as I was taking the garment out of the packaging, I could see and feel this coat is screaming with quality. First thing is the density and smoothness of the material made of cotton, nylon, and polyester. A little bit old school, this is a perfect material combination to me, with two layers for added warmth. I very much like this mix same as I still like my wool. I see this raincoat at the top end of the rain jacket and the lower end of the hard shell in style, function, and especially price. Inspection of the sewing shows all the seams to be straight and true, and the stitching blends in well so as not to show. There is no bunching of the material, and I found no hanging threads or pieces of threads anywhere. Quality control is obviously a priority. Before I put the coat on, I spotted a cool little pocket on the left sleeve, ventilation openings under the arms, a big zippered chest cavity, two nicely fitted hand pockets, and a left-side zipper that opens all the way up to the arm pit. This will be handy to get into pants pockets or undergarment pockets. A draw string is at the bottom and on both sleeves. The draw strings are not as easy as Velcro would be, but they match the design of the coat and they function well. All this is colored to a pleasing dark green that suits me well. It will blend in anywhere and not show like something brand new with the fold creases all over the coat.

As I slipped the coat on, I could appreciate that the fit did not feel like a one-size-fits-all. It is a snug form fit with room to move. Again, the material is smooth, comfortable, and not stiff, like so many rain oats or paper-thin like some jackets. The angle of the hand pockets is just right and the pocket size fits my working man hands. I am liking this coat to wear on a summer night in the mountains even without the rain. Speaking of rain, our weather forecast is for rain on the weekend coming. I may not wait for the weekend and instead go stand in front of the sprinkler or have my daughter hit me with the hose — not to see if this coat is waterproof, but more to look for places for water to sneak in, such as around the cuffs or under my chin.

I have to make mention of the Bushman catalog that was in my package, as I am able to appreciate the brand from another angle. The catalog is not meant just to showcase the Bushman merchandise but more to display a lifestyle. Equal to that, my daughter, who normally finds it difficult to find quality women’s outdoor wear, was looking over my shoulder at the catalog and loved the look and style of the women’s products. In her words, affordable, looks durable, and very realistic. Stay tuned for more on this great rain coat from Bushman!


Part Two

On the weekend, we did get rain — but not like I was expecting. I got to wear the coat and, of course, it is waterproof and kept the rain out. But there was no driving wind with the water, so I didn’t get to check for leaks at the sleeve cuffs, the waist draw string, or around the hood and under my chin. Hope to check that out next time. I did like the freedom the coat gave as I was working on a few things. My upper body movement was not restricted by the sleeves or across my back or chest. Even with the drawstring not pulled closed, the hood moved with my head and did not block off my vision. I like everything about this coat, especially the style and fabric, and I have no problem recommending it to anyone with similar tastes.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out the whole line at Bushman.

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