The Merry Widow


About a year ago we went for a road trip down to Bannack State Park and hit a lot of really unique and beautiful places along the way. One of the first places we hit was Basin. The town and surrounding area are full of a lot of interesting history including old mines and mining equipment and The Merry Widow (the topic of this post). This is definitely one of Montana’s strangest and totally quirky places which is probably why I liked it so much. It had both sides of my brain arguing with one another leading me to write this post.

The Merry Widow, according to my research, never having heard of it before our road trip, is a radon mine tunnel in which people sit absorbing radon gas and drinking mine water due to its supposed healing properties. While the mine water has been tested safe for drinking the thought of doing so creeped me out and left me quite intrigued. People come from all around the world though to the 6 “health mines” in the area, only 7 others found in on the entire planet, and according to testimonials on The Merry Widow’s site experience relief from many different ailments. Someday I might work up the courage to actually go in there, but until then The Merry Widow will just be an intriguing mystery of Montana that crosses my mind every time I scroll by a photo of it.

Thank you so much for reading! Liza

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