The Rut at the Slippery Ann

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The Slippery Ann Wildlife Viewing Area is one heck of a drive-in-movie style show of the Rocky Mountain Elk Rut. Every fall hundreds of elk materialize on the Charlie Russell Wildlife Refuge in the same area. Right off the road they fight, bugle, and chase cows. So what do you need to know?


The last weekend of September is usually the peak. Anytime from later September to the first week or two in October are pretty good.

What Time?

The elk usually disappear in the Cottonwood trees along the Yellowstone .river after sunrise.   They remain seclude there until about 4:30, 5 o’clock in the afternoon . The mornings are sometimes good, and sometimes the elk go back in the trees before light. The evenings are always great with the elk often times not 20 yards from the road before dark.

Where Can I Stay?


Lewistown is about an hour west of the viewing area. For those who don’t want to rough it in a tent, this is your best option at either the Yogo Inn or the Super 8.

Upper Slippery Ann Camping Area

This area overlooks the elk on the river giving you a great view and earful. You don’t even have to drive, watch the elk from camp. This area has no utilities so it is best for campers and motorhomes. There are fire pits there and an outhouse a couple miles down the road.

Kipp Campground

The campground on the river at the Fred Robinson Bridge on Highway 191 is about five miles from the Slippery Ann. It has potable water, outhouses, picnic tables and fire pits. It works well for tenters and it is has great space for RVs. It is $12 per night.

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