Things to Do In Great Falls

This past weekend we hit a couple of the wonderful places to stop in Great Falls, Montana. First on the list was the Great Falls! These falls were quite an obstacle for Lewis and Clark who had to carry all of their gear, canoes and all, 18 miles to go around the 21 mile stretch of falls on the Missouri River. Pictured below is only a small piece of the falls by the Black Eagle Dam so be sure to check them out while in Great Falls as they are not only cool to see but they are also very historically significant.

Great Falls MT (2)Great Falls MT (3)

Next on the list while in Great Falls was the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and Giant Springs State Park.

Great Falls MT (4)

Giant Springs State Park is phenomenal. It is home to the Giant Springs, one of the largest freshwater springs in the world, pumping around 156 million gallons of water per day and it stays at a temperature of 54 degrees. Also in the park is the Roe River, one of the shortest rivers in the world at only 201 feet, previously featured in our post Montana Facts and HistoryGiant Springs Trout Hatchery is also in the park, giving ample opportunities for fun including feeding the fish. You really need to see these trout as they are huge and feeding them is a kick.  Below is a gallery of photos I took while in the park [click on any of the photos for a larger view].

These are only a few of the many things to do and places to go in Great Falls so check out the full list at

Montana Lewis and Clark Trivia:

  • Albert Gallatin, Secretary of Treasury, after whom Gallatin River and County were named, refused to fund the Lewis and Clark Expedition initially because he thought the $38,000 for the expedition was a waste of money
  • Only one man from the expedition died during travel, Floyd, from appendicitis
  • Lewis was mistaken for an elk and shot in the butt


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