Water Hole

While on an elk spotting trip this weekend I took a little time out to develop a spring for a watering hole.  There is good water here but no where that the elk stop to drink so I decided I would help them out some.  I carried my Pulaski on the hike in and that was the only tool that I needed.  This turns out to be the perfect place with game trails passing above and below the spring.  There are plenty of rocks at the site useful in securing the perimeter in order that it doesn’t get all beat down by the users and drain out.

I pass by often enough that I can heal it up if need be.  Just another one of those things a person can do to make a good huntin’ spot even better.

I had planned to make this a bigger holding pond but as I worked on it I decided this should serve the purpose well.  As time goes and if some bulls want to make this a wallow I can do some more work. Mean while this should work well and everyone should know that this didn’t take much time and should be a good addition to one of my honey holes.  Time will tell?

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