Weekend Antelope Hunt

This past weekend Dad and I spent Saturday chasing antelope. If you have ever hunted the species, you know I am not using the word chase lightly. As the fastest North American mammal, antelope are not an easy species to harvest. We have found a secret that helps a lot, a white towel. Carrying one in the field has changed the game for us. Once you spot goats within an appropriate distance, all you have to do is flash them with the towel and you’ll have their attention. It is a pretty good way to get yourself within shooting distance.

Saturday started with a beautiful sunup, as many good days of hunting do. We spotted elk just at legal light and took a bit to enjoy watching them through the spotting scope, General Rifle opens next weekend.

Once the sun was up we headed to spot our hunting district for antelope. We had a couple of sections of BMA picked out to hunt. Finally, about 10 we spotted a goat to put a stalk on. Another hunter beat us to the kill though and took home this good little buck. Congrats to Steve.

dsc_0011 With that antelope down we headed further down the road to spot more territory. We were able to get within shooting distance of a couple of bucks, but none that were quite what we were looking for. With that, we headed back to camp and to the mountains to do some elk scouting for next weekend. We spotted two bulls we can’t wait to stalk.

Sunday morning was far too rainy to head out. We spent the afternoon making sure the rifles were sighted in. A couple of tricks: clean your gun between every round, your shots will be better as the gun is clean and has more time to cool between rounds. Tip two, try shooting with both eyes open, you are more accurate because you are focusing less on closing one eye and more one hitting your bullseye. Comment any tricks you have below. Thanks for reading!


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