Winter in Montana

Winter again in Montana.  Funny how it seems to come about the same time every year huh?  Not everyone that I talk to is thrilled about the cold and snow but I have to say that I rather enjoy this time of year.  It has been a good winter so far with some good cold spells and a little bit of snow.  I would always hope for more snow.  The cold doesn’t matter much until it gets way below zero but even then is isn’t all bad. It beats hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes.  It sometimes will keep you indoors and that’s what you have a color TV for.  I have always liked the days that show in the photos below.  These photos were taken looking south off our front porch and west out our driveway.  It was 13 below on New Years Day and not a cloud in the sky.  I was sitting in the recliner looking out the window when I decided to take some pictures.  Looking to the south the sun was too bright for a good shot but you should be able to get the drift.  It was cold but a beautiful day.

The day ended with a little bit of color and I had to share that too.  It’s winter and it is cold but Life Is Good!!

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