Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park (YNP) is one of Montana’s greatest treasures! Its 2.2 million acres are home to a vast array of wildlife as well as amazing views, hot geology, cold water, and famous landmarks. You have access to tons of amazing views via the roadway, but those views only comprise two percent of the park.

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The Yellowstone caldera, 45 miles x 30 miles, is currently the largest known active volcanic center on the entire planet.

If that’s not hot enough for you, the park is also estimated to have 10,000 thermal features including the densest concentration of geysers in the world at Upper Geyser Basin. That two mile area is home to 25% of the world’s geysers.  

Yellowstone Lake, which makes up 136 square miles of Yellowstone, holds 4 billion gallons of water and sits at 7,733 feet above sea level, making it the largest high-mountain lake in North America. 

If you spend the weekend in Yellowstone,  3 days, you will have experienced 16.4 small earthquakes, most of which are so small you won’t even know they occurred. 

As far as the animals are concerned, there are 60 species of mammals, trumped drastically by the 311 species of birds, fed by 18 species of fish, 6 species of reptiles, and only 4 species of amphibians. 

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Park Fees…

For Entrance to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks for Seven Days:

  • Non-Commercial Vehicle – $25
  • Snowmobile/ Motorcycle – $20
  • Walker/ Bicyclist/ Individual Not In A Motorized Vehicle – $12

Annual Park Pass for Yellowstone and Grand Tetons for a Non-Commercial Vehicle – $50

For More Entrance Fee Information or Other Park Passes [click here]

Fishing Yellowstone…

Anglers over 16 year of age are required to purchase a Yellowstone National Park Fishing Permit in order to fish within the park boundaries. Cost of permits:

  • three-day: $18
  • seven-day: $25
  • season: $40

Anglers 15 and younger can fish without a permit if fishing with an adult with a fishing permit or the child may fish without an adult if they obtain a free permit signed by a responsible adult.

Fishing season in Yellowstone starts on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and lasts through the last Saturday of November with some exceptions noted in the Fishing Regulations Handbook. The fishing regulations also include all of the information about open water ways and everything else you need to know to fish in Yellowstone.

An interesting requirement when fishing Yellowstone Lake, any lake trout caught there must be killed. It is illegal to release them alive.

Boating in Yellowstone is permitted but heavily regulated. For all boating information [click here].

For information about Montana’s National Parks through Visit MT [click here] and for more information from the National Parks Service [click here]. For information specific to Yellowstone from the National Park Service [click here] and for our tips and tricks on camping Yellowstone [click here].45th parallel_YNP

The 45th Parallel (pictured right)  can be found between Mammoth and Gardiner not far from north entrance to the park at Gardiner. The 45th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 45 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane. It crosses Europe, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean. Not only that but in Yellowstone National Park it is the location of a legal hot pot that makes for good soaking. It is just a short walk from the parking area to the hot pot. The hot water flows into the cold Gardiner River so you can pick your spot and adjust how hot of water you want. It is a great place to spend a little time when in the park!

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